For the driven, next-level woman ready to turn her business idea to bona-fide BOSS-making empire.

Right now...

You’re a visionary with gifts you know are meant to change the world.

Problem is, those gifts aren’t paying your bills, let alone funding the lifestyle bursting with freedom, travel, service, and soul-deep fulfillment you know is possible.

You’re the dictionary definition of multi-passionate. You’ve got a zillion ideas that you *want* to implement, but you’re not entirely sure how to execute and turn your genius into the profitable empire you dream of. 

It’s not like you don’t believe you’re capable of success.

You see other entrepreneurs floating on inflatable unicorns in Bali, selling high-ticket courses and offers, and you’re convinced there’s a way for you to create success for yourself too.

But creating signature offers, digital marketing, growing a personal brand, cultivating an online community, and high ticket sales still feel seriously foreign.
You need a step by step breakdown and a bulletproof how-to roadmap with all the tools to catalyze you and your business forward. 
You need a tried and true method that actually works from a coach who has blazed the way before you.

Ready to roll up your sleeves and dive into all the information a high-end coach couch teach you, broken down into easily digestible modules you can refer back to forever?

yes you are because girl,

you’re ready to be the BOSS.

My 12-module self-paced Business Building Course designed to show you EVERYTHING you need to know to start and grow your business from passion to profit in 90 days.

This course is your deep dive masterplan for growing and scaling your very own online business.

Boss U is where you learn to turn your ideas, gifts, and unique genius into a best selling brand and profitable reality.
You’re the kind of entrepreneur that likes a step-by-step breakdown and a bullet proof how-to roadmap.

You’re new (under a year) into your business and are looking to hit your first consistent $3-$5K months.

You love digestible modules you can keep going back to over and over. 

You want a comprehensive A-Z overview of building your business.
Boss U is course you need to stay committed to business dreams.  It’s the clear breakdown you’ve been craving but had no idea existed... until now.

You will receive:

Over 8 hours of in-depth video training modules and actionable workbooks that break down the nuts and bolts of business, from offer creation through to sales.

Tactical tools to grow your brand, scale your leadership and build a loyal social and digital audience.

A positive mindset that gets stronger by the second.

Inside Boss U, you’ll receive access to over 8 hours of
video content that will transform your business.

Module 1:
Establishing Your Business Foundations: Values, Vision & Mission

Module 2:
Clarifying Your Ideal Client Avatar &
A —> B Transformation

Module 3:
Stepping Into Your High-Impact,
High-Income, Leader Mindset

Module 4:
Tapping Into Your Zone of Radiance

Module 5:
Establishing Your Money-Making Offerings

Module 6:
Content Creation Mastery

Module 7:
Mastering Your Message

Module 8:
Social Media Marketing

Module 9:
Building Your Reach Through Press - Guest Blogging, Podcast Interviews, & More

Module 10:
Soulful Smart Sales & Compassionate Conversions

Module 11:
Systems, Systems, Systems!

Module 12:
Sustainability & Self-Care as a CEO


Picture having the creme de la creme of business in your back pocket, ready to school you in everything you need to run a successful business — without having to pay them thousands of dollars every month to reveal their secrets. 

Ooh,     Plus     A     Bonus! 

Module 13:
Mapping our the next 6 to 12 months

Hold your breath! This is the best part!!

The total value of Boss U? 
Over $4000
What you’ll actually pay?


When I first approached Cait I was at the point of wanting to give up on my business. I had been taught techniques that did not align with my spirit and did not align with my style of business. Cait equipped me with the tools I needed to find my clients and to master my mindset enough to know there is space for me doing business my way. On a tangible level I’ve seen major shifts and uplevels. I booked over 7 clients, which led to over $10K in sales. Before that I had made only $4K in sales over a period of 4 months. Cait has freaking transformed my business. I am so grateful for what she’s done for my business.
Kelsey Eaton
Spiritual Life Coach, Business Mentor, Yoga Teacher
Cait helped me gain the clarity to own my purpose and my power, and I’ve never felt so driven and in tune with myself. I defined and launched my business and within 2 months, landed guest interviews and started making sales, when 2 months ago I wasn’t sure if I wanted to or how to start a business! She has showed me how to get so in tune with my desires, align my actions to meet them that I feel unstoppable.
Kealy McClain
Before I met Cait, I was juggling many different passions and had no idea which direction to go. I didn’t know how I could make a sustainable business without feeling burnt out or spread thin. My belief in my ability to make money was lacking and I didn’t know who would actually listen to me. This program changed the game for my business. I would say the most impactful message was shifting my mindset on how I valued myself. The clarity that came through this program made everything easier and more tangible. I now have a new brand, new programs that I have created (one that is launching very soon), business strategy and a clearer understanding of how to deliver my teachings.

I feel more confident, capable, and worthy to make the impact in this world that I know I am meant to! It feels like a weight off my shoulders, a release of worry, concern, feeling bold, abundant, and absolutely radiant in how I am meant to shine!
Malia Wright
“But Cait, that’s INSANE.” 
“Why would you give away thousands of dollars worth of content for a ridiculously low price?”
Because you shouldn’t be expected to drop 5 figures just to learn how to build your first business.

That’s unattainable for so many women who have missions in their hearts and a fire in their soul, and I refuse to live in a world where these women don’t get the support they need. *Puts foot down* 

Boss U is the program I wish I’d had when I was starting out. It would have subtracted so much time-wasting and doubt from my entrepreneurial journey...and added so much power, drive and forward motion.

That's what it will do for you too.


Take a cruise through some of the
topics we'll cover inside Boss U: 

Business Foundations
Ideal Client Avatar
Stepping into your higher mindset
Your zone of radiance
Money-making offerings
Content creation mastery
Mastering your message
Social media marketing
Press reach
Soulful smart sales
Systems, systems, systems!
Self-care as a CEO

Think of Boss U like a limitless tap of inspiration & motivation
you need to get everything you want in your business,

without burning a hole in your bank account

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